Woodford 2000, was probably the best time i have ever had in my life, first time that i can say i spent it with a group of my favourite people in the world!:)

Here are some photos of me having my head shaved, why i did it??? who knows, i think the major factor was that i was raising money for charity... but that still doesnt explain why once i arrived home i allowed my step-father to persuade me to shave my head with a razor... I would recommend this to people who want to have a spiky frog skin sensation whenever they touch their head, but other than that it is a bloody strange experience. i am not saying dont do it i am saying it was BLOODY STRANGE!!

And of course some photos of my sisters, for those of you who are wondering and dont know the story of my life, my parents are divorced and both remarried, thus as a result i have 6 sisters, 3 of which i am related to through marriage, 2 through my father, and my eldest sister and i share our mum :) so strange, but good, as as a  result of it i have gained 6 wonderful sisters who i would never in the world replace :)

Because i couldn't possibly have a page that doesnt have something to do with Fourplay... i have some phots... which some time sono wil increase... just have to wait for them to get up here :) so go and see photos of FourPlay

Just for peter... cause he has been asking me to put up some photos of my major werk, i have , arent i such a nice person :) they are nowhere near finished, and one of them was totally painted over, but you get that. so here they are

And last of all some photos that dont really fit into any catagories so i just put them all together on this page.

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